Mar 10, 2012

Day 152/240: Ruminations

I am having to deal with a cluster of health problems that are somewhat interrelated especially in that the medication for one condition may exacerbate another. They all center around various metabolic processes and, particularly when I am in a bleak mood, there is a strong temptation to blame them all on the experiment, give up, and fry up a pound of bacon, butter some hard rolls and make myself a platter of bacon sarnies just for the remembered comfort.

Fortunately, these depressions don't seem to affect my common sense and I can still clearly see that being on this herbivorous diet is ameliorating a situation that could be far worse and far more painful. I am lucky that I made the choice I did ... it's just that at times I feel the need to blame something other than my own decades of accumulated dietary stupidity and ill-health.

TMI Alert:
I do have to say that the ability of one particular anti-spasmodic drug to counteract the truly massive amounts of fiber in my diet is outrageously and painfully stunning, adding an entirely new and unwelcome facet (and I use that word precisely because it brings to mind sharp points and edges) to my medical woes. It has also forced me to refocus the heavy duty pain-killers that were to assist my recovery from a dental procedure to the (shall we say) other end of the tube.

These strata of medical mishaps have put me out-of-sorts and made me uncommunicative and grouchy. They have also simplified my diet since I'm currently finding food uninspiring and have limited myself to simple soups and rice dishes. I also cannot sit comfortable for long periods.

But I'm on the mend, and soon shall return to my irritatingly chatty ways.

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