Feb 29, 2012

Day 142/240 Complex health problems vs posting

Over the past three weeks I have dealt with the hospitalization and rehab of a relative, two minor operations of my own, and various complexities both related and un.

None of my health problems have had anything to do with my choice to become herbivorous. In fact, my diet is proving to be very beneficial and helps to uncomplicate diagnoses. Two days ago my blood pressure was recorded as 120/76 and my LDL cholesterol level is 40 (a number that raised my doctor's eyebrows).

Because of the frenetic pace, my meals have mostly been on the run, featuring salads, soups, hummus roll-ups, etc. I am thankful that the Beth Israel/Deaconess Hospital complex has a good vegetarian selection of foods available. I'm disappointed that many restaurants in my area have vegetarian options on their menus for lunch but not dinner. 

What this breakneck pace means is that I really had little to report, and so I didn't. I will say that I am proud of myself for not succumbing to temptation and maintaining my discipline throughout.

Be that as it may, the elderly relative is at home and under comprehensive care, I've stopped taking the pain medication, the stitches come out soon and my healing should be complete by next week.

In the meantime, I have a big lump of firm tofu, already pressed and in the refrigerator marinating in a chili garlic sauce which shall be tonight's dinner.  

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