Feb 4, 2012

Day 106-116/240: Busy with other stuff

There has been a lot of events and responsibilities taking up my time and I'm afraid that most of my leisure time has been spent resting. My failure to post does not mean that I have failed to maintain my dietary discipline.

I am not going to try to recreate all the meals. I will simply say that I have visited Arax and Super 88 (apparently soon to be renamed Hong Kong Market) a couple of times and most of my meals in the interim have been spicy stir fries and curries or well-herbed bulghur or freekeh concoctions. Arax also provided an assortment of good olives, some nice pickled aubergines and garlic cloves.

Last night, for example, I made a stir fry of dry five-spice flavored tofu, five baby bokchoy, a fresh bamboo shoot and some green onions. This was seasoned with a heaping teaspoon of Guilin Hot Sauce and served over rice cooked with stock. There was enough for two platefuls.

Dealing with restaurants is interesting. Two days ago I went out to eat with some family and had to ask them to leave the cheese off a salad. I had the de-dairied foliage and some onion rings for dinner. That is I had some of the onion rings. Perhaps it was the fat, or perhaps there was milk in the batter, but I started feeling unwell and quit eating them. It put me off the salad too.

It's a shame because I had been trying to make a point to people earlier in the day that I would be able to eat almost anywhere they chose and that no-one needed to make special allowances for me. (Lately it feels like I have been excluded from family gatherings because my diet makes people uncomfortable.) Interestingly, the very first restaurant chosen after my arguments for inclusion had the least food that I could eat.

Sometimes you can't win.

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