Jan 24, 2012

Days 100 - 106/240: Sorry!

It has been far too long between posts. I have plenty of reasons for this hiatus, but nothing that excuses my slapdash performance. Let me simply say that it looks as though the problems have been resolved and I have no option but to post my make up work. I will have to try to work backwards, because I haven't been making notes.
  • Day 106/240: Big late lunch at Beth Israel Hospital (just visiting a relative). Vegetarian Chili with a hummus and cucumber slices salad. Tonight I'll have peanut butter sandwiches.
  • Day 105/240: Sunchokes, onions, and Brussels sprouts marinated in Gui-lin sauce and roasted.
  • Day 104/240: Tofu, pressed and marinated in ginger and sesame oil, coated with sesame seeds, then grilled and served over brown rice with a spicy hot peanut sauce.
  • Day 103/240: In an experimental frame of mind I made Vietnamese spring rolls but added a dollop of zkhuk yarok inside each of them. It turned out very nicely especially when dipped in a tahini garlic sauce.
  • Day 102/240: Whatever it was was forgettable since I have forgotted it.
  • Day 101/240: Vegetable tempura at a local pan-Asian joint.
  • Day 100/240: I fasted in support of the defeat of SOPA and PIPA ... not. I had I nice thick root vegetable stew.
Note: If anyone thinks that this is my only blog, you might want to visit A New Anatomy of Melancholy, and Jerry Lettvin 1920-2011. A fourth blog Henry and the Nipping Jig is lying fallow until I can get re-started on the project that it's meant to document.

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