Jan 8, 2012

Shopping trip

I'm going into Boston early tomorrow. I have to be at Beth Israel with the elderly relative by 0715. He is scheduled for a full day of testing including a heart catheterization. My laptop is currently out of commission so it looks like the stars have lined-up to force me to go shopping.

I'm planning to visit some of the middle-eastern groceries in Watertown to pick up spices and some staples like bulghur, olives, liquorice tea, and pomegranate molasses. Then I'll head to Central Square in Cambridge to Shalimar for some dhals, rice, and further spices.

If I have time, and I probably will, I might try to get to Super 88 in Brighton for some lunch at their food court (I want to see if they have a vegetarian banh mi and figure out what the ingredients are). I need some Lychee Nut Tea some Pu Erh Tea, some noodles and maybe some special vegetables and fresh tofu.

So, it'll be a lemonade day.

Speaking of tofu ... I heard about a trick recently. If you freeze it, when it thaws the texture has changed significantly letting you squeeze out much of the moisture so it will soak up more marinade. I have a pound of it in the freezer right now and I'll try working with it later in the week. I'll let you know how it works.

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