Jan 11, 2012

Day 93/240: Tofu a l'Antarctique

As I said a few days ago, I heard that freezing tofu changed its texture significantly so I decided to try it. I put a pound block of tofu in the freezer a couple of days ago and froze it solid. Then I defrosted it, gently squeezed the liquid out of it, wrapped it in a clean dish towel and pressed it between two plates for a couple of hours (okay overnight).

I cut it into half inch slices and marinated it in lite soy sauce for a while then tossed in oil and crushed garlic and baked it at 350 for as long as it took to play a two-handed game of Qwirkle.

The result was a denser meatier texture, similar to a really dense polenta but more cohesive, that developed a crust better than tofu usually does. The marinade penetrated deeply so there weren't any of the usual bland gaps. I really liked the mouth feel and the look of it so I think I'd better work up a more formal recipe.

I'm tempted to try a spice blend that would make it sausage-like, but I think that, since I have some ingredients on hand, I'll try for a kind of Buffalo wing treatment. First I need another block of tofu.

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