Jan 5, 2012

Day 87/240: Just plain nuts!

I have given myself permission to snack as much as I want between meals ... with a few stipulations.

  1. The snack has to be nuts or seeds.
  2. They have to be unsalted, raw, and in the shell.
  3. I have to try to crack each nut without the use of a mechanical device first. 

Obviously the last one won't work with Brazil nuts, almonds, and pecans (I consider a mallet to be a mechanical device). Walnuts are difficult but do-able. Pistachios, sunflower and melon seeds are easy. I am allergic to hazel nuts. Cashews would require too much in the way of protective gear. Peanuts aren't nuts (I just won't let me get away with anything).

By doing this I can be assured that I am getting exercise and slowing down my food intake.

I'm also finding a perverse pleasure in getting the walnuts to crack properly just using my hands.

Dinner tonight was a new (smaller) pot of lentil soup, this time using red lentils and spicing it with curry. Starch was in the form of quartered small potatoes.

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