Jan 11, 2012

Day 91/240: One very long day

So we had to be at the hospital by 0715, which we were, then got shunted about from place to place by uninvolved administrative lackeys who remained blandly unaware of the Elderly Relative (ER)'s obvious mobility and pain problems. I finally stole a wheelchair for him and managed to get him to where he needed to go.

These people seemed a bit more competent so I felt a bit better about leaving him there. I retrieved my car and headed for Watertown and Sevan Bakery. They didn't have everything I needed, so the next time I think I might try Arax Market just down the street. I got most of what was on my list though. They didn't have the liquorice tea I wanted but they did have cardamom tea which I have decided is quite tasty.

I sat in the car and had za'atar spiced bread and a handful of olives for an early lunch, before heading down to Central Square and Shalimar Indian Grocery. I picked up some brown basmati rice, dried chickpeas and an assortment of dhals. I was very disappointed that they had no Bolst's Curry Powder which is my favorite, so I piled the new goodies into the trunk of the car and went back to the hospital to cool my heels for most of the afternoon.

The tests ran long and I didn't get home until nearly 2000. It was fortunate that I had picked up some vegetarian kibbeh and a half dozen felafels and I made my dinner from that, some more olives, and a couple of glasses of retsina.

In a couple of weeks the surgery will take place. It's going to take a while and there will be several of us there so I think I'll be able to sneak out and make another foray into Watertown.

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