Jan 8, 2012

Day 90/240: Double dinner

I ate with my wife and an elderly relative. My wife cooked. They had roast chicken, peas, and baked potatoes. I had the same minus the chicken. It wasn't all that satisfying, but at least my wife acknowledges my choice.

When I got home I supplemented the meal with a large mug of soup which turned out rather well.

I put the kettle on, then unwrapped a Rapunzel salt-free vegetable bouillon cube (they're very good and I need to write a review of them) and popped it into a big mug. Then I added a heaping teaspoon of South River Garlic Red Pepper Miso and a squirt of Sriracha pepper sauce. When the kettle whistled I poured the water in and stirred it up. A very, very, tasty dish for something so simple.

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