Apr 11, 2013

Internal conflicts

  Meat substitutes somehow feel like cheating. We're saying to ourselves that these are the textures and flavors that we must have to feel satisfied. I'm not preaching here, just observing. I use these meat analogues a lot. Tofurkey sausages, TVP in chili or pasta sauce, and what is seitan if not a texture stand-in for flesh. What I'm saying is that every time I do use them it gives me an uneasy feeling of triumph like getting an extra 20 from an ATM, a pleasure but a guilty sneaky one.

Well nobody ever accused me of soft-pedaling my self-analysis.

What makes this situation bearable for me (as I must keep reminding myself) is that I am not an ethical vegan. Although I have an immense distaste for the methods of factory farming, I am not opposed nor disgusted by the eating of flesh. So I am a bit bemused by my own perversely honorable standards kicking in.

And it's not as if I have the same problems with non-dairy cheese. I'm perfectly happy to make a grilled cheese sandwich with soy-based pepper jack. Sometimes I confuse myself.

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