Nov 15, 2011

Day 38/180: Miso soup for lunch

I woke up early this morning feeling stuffy, achy, and discombobulated. My head had the kind of buzz that you get when you've been awake for 48 hours. A vagrant headache keeps migrating to different parts of my skull. My sinuses aren't stuffed-up but my head feels like they are.

I had a lot I needed to do today, but I've put it all off until tomorrow and Thursday. I'll just sit at the keyboard redolent of Tiger Balm and trying to will some work out of my fingers.

Soup is good for boosting your morale when you're sick, so I went out to the kitchen a little while ago and put the kettle on. I set out two mugs; one for some Kuan Yin tea and the other for some miso soup.

As the water was heating, I put a heaping tablespoon of Dandelion Leek miso into a cup and toasted half a sheet of nori over another burner to crisp it. Then I crumbled the nori over the miso. South River's miso is excellent stuff. It's hard to believe that I've gone through so much of it in so short a time. Sometime this week I'm going to have to order another batch.

When the kettle whistled, I filled the cups and brought them back to my study. The soup is gone now and I'm slowly enjoying the tea. I'm feeling better. I think that I might stick to miso soup for dinner tonight. It may just be my imagination but I think it may be good for what ails me.

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