Nov 29, 2011

Day 52?/180: Do I need to reboot?

Don't worry about answering, it's a rhetorical question.

I'm cursing in equal parts my ADD and my stupidity. I was portioning out my pills for the week today when it suddenly occurred to me to reread the label on my vitamins. As I thought, they seemed to be beast-free. Then, on another part of the label, in tiny print, I saw another set of ingredients informing me that the product "Contains fish (cod, pollock, haddock, hake, cusk, redfish, sole, flounder) ingredients." Why this information was broken out to be listed separately is a question for which I have no answer other than the perverse joy some companies seem to take in making things confusing.

What this means, of course, is that the last 51 days have NOT been entirely free of animal-product nutrition. DAMMIT! I can rescue the situation slightly by persuading myself that it was just trace amounts and there was unlikely to be much, if any, protein since the additive was probably fish oil.

As I've said before, my dietary choice was not based on ethics but health, so I'm not feeling spiritually diminished. I am, however, a bit pissed off at the tricky labeling, and angry at myself for not being able to concentrate long enough to figure it out. The question now is; has the trace amounts of fish compromised the experiment to the extent that I need to start from Day 1/180 again?

It certainly wouldn't hurt me to do so, and it wasn't as if I was going to end my herbivorous diet on the 180th day ... but that's a decision I'll have to make for myself sometime today. You'll be able to see my decision when tomorrow's number is posted.

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