Nov 24, 2011

Day 47/180: Thanksgiving

Things that I'm thankful for (in no particular order):

  1. Life, the universe and everything - Having survived a year after a heart attack and being in relatively good health. 
  2. Family - My wife who remains lovable in spite of her best efforts, four wonderful if occasionally challenging children, three delightfully eccentric grandchildren who will, I hope, retain that eccentricity against all odds.
  3. Sentience - A brain that continues to function as well as it ever has.
  4. Books - Food for my soul, grist for the slowly turning millstones in my brain.
  5. Computers and networks - Giving me access to museums, libraries, and people I would have never met otherwise.
  6. Vegetables, grain and fruit - Providing all the nourishment my body needs.
  7. Other people - Keeping me amused, confused, bemused, enthused and occasionally used, misused, excused, accused, abused, and bruised.
  8. Coffee, tea, and other mood-altering substances - Just because.
  9. Language, music and art - The best imperfect forms of communication I know.
  10. Science - For at least trying really hard to make it all understandable.

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