Nov 22, 2011

Day 43/180: Arrgh

I think my system must be re-aligning itself.

I spent the day cleaning jars and arranging things. I had never separated my foods from that of the rest of the family, so I decided to clear some room for them and move all my stuff to a single cupboard.

When I was done, I was tired and in no mood to cook. I also wanted to give the others a treat. So I went to the Chinese takeout place downtown and ordered General Gau Chicken for them and Spicy Vegetarian Tofu for me.

Well ... something went wrong!

About ten minutes after finishing my plate of tofu, vegetables and rice I wished I hadn't. It's hard to tell what exactly was the culprit. The sauce was a little too sweet so it could have been a reaction to the sugar (my body doesn't like sugar in large doses), it tasted like there may have been a tad too much MSG (though they claim not to use it), but I'm wondering if they used chicken broth. If it was either of the last two, then it means that I can't really trust that place again. Whatever the cause, I was briefly ill.

In fact, since I can't tell the cause (and they won't say), I guess I'll just have to avoid it. It's probably just as well.

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