Nov 30, 2011

Day 53/240: Not rebooting just extending

I have decided that the trace of animal products in the vitamins, although concentrated, is minor and not to be obsessed about. I'm continuing the count as it stands but, as you may have noticed, I have extended the experiment another 60 days.

What this means is that instead of having the circulation tests done at the end of 180 days of herbivorous diet, I will wait until I have reached the 240th day.

I meant to cook lamacun last night, but things got bollixed up and I settled for a mujaddarah. I wasn't paying attention and cooked it with too little water (brown rice takes a little more water than white) and it came out a bit nubbly but tasted okay.

I should have the ingredients on-hand for the lamacun and I'll try to get to it tonight. It's a great recipe and kids seem to like it.

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