Dec 11, 2011

Day 61/240: Roasted Beets and Cheela

This was not my finest meal, but it did teach me some interesting things.

First let's talk about the cheela. This is an Indian pancake made with gram (chickpea flour) and seasoned with some turmeric, garam masala, cayenne, etc. and mixed with about an equal amount of water. Then I added some shredded turnip and finely diced onion, mixed it well and spooned it into a skillet on medium high heat.

There were some problems. I was chintzy with the water and made the batter too thick. I added way too much vegetables (by volume). Last, but not least, medium high, on my stove is too hot.

I ended up with cheela that were too thick; crisp and brown on the outside and runny and underdone on the inside. I can correct these  and I'll try again next week. If it works better I'll post a formal recipe.

About the beets ... (TMI alert)

I have had a significant UTI in the not so distant past. It was, therefore, disconcerting and a bit frightening when I started producing bright red urine. It took me several minutes to remember the beets that I had sliced and roasted as an accompaniment the the pancakes. I headed for the computer and soon had my mind relieved ... but then reading further I realized that beets were also high in oxalic acid and I have a history of kidney stones.

It looks to me as if the pretty red root is going to have to join rhubarb and spinach in my "Forbidden Food File".

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