Dec 14, 2011

Zkhuk Yarok - Step-by-step

Yes, I know I changed the spelling. It's listed as an alternative and I like all the Zs and Ks.

I listed the ingredient amounts in an earlier post so I'm just going to take you through the process.

First you wash your cilantro to make sure that it is clear of sand or whatever other growing medium they used. Let it drip-dry in a colander.

Then, if like me you're crazy enough to only have pods, you have to decorticate the cardamom (take the seeds out).

Take the cardamom seed, cumin seed, and coriander seed and dry roast them in a skillet.

When they are nice and toasty, put them into a suribachi or mortar and grind them to a powder.

After I grind the spices, I put the powder through a wire strainer to remove the hull of the coriander. (Anything that doesn't get through the sieve goes into the stock pot.) Ad some ground cloves and a two-finger pinch of salt to the other spices.

Peel an entire bulb's worth of garlic cloves.

Smash them with the side of the cleaver and mince them coarsely.

Cut off the stems of about 6 fresh green chilis (I used jalapenos) and slice them in half. long ways.

Clean out the pith but leave some of the seeds. Toss everything that you just prepared into the food processor and turn it on. Drizzle olive oil into it until it seems to have the right consistency.

This makes enough to fill one of my standard small storage containers (empty 1 pound Teddy Peanut Butter glass jar. 

I've designed a label for it, and my wife is going to illuminate it. when it's done I'll post a picture of the finished product. 

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