Dec 13, 2011

Day 64/240: Gluten

It's hard for me to not make a pun every time I write the word "seitan" (I still hope I can come up with a recipe to justify "Seitanic Verses" but "gluten" is almost as bad (Glutenous Maximus) and also suggests the sound of something thick and viscous oozing down the side of a bowl.

So guess what I had for dinner last night!

Standard seitan recipe with about 3 Tbs chili powder and 1 tsp whole cumin seed mixed into 2/3 cup of gluten. Then I added some cold stock with a couple of dashes of vegan Worcestershire Sauce. Then I kneaded it. steamed it and fried about half of it as a small steak for a sandwich. Some of my tofu spread mixed with a spoonful of Skhug kept it from being too dry.

I found a wonderful benefit to putting my stock in a bottle in the refrigerator. My wife jumps to the conclusion that the dark liquid is ice coffee. Considering the amount of cream and sugar she uses, I suppose it tastes nearly the same.

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