Dec 29, 2011

Day ~79/240: A handful of days

At first I was shocked that it had been so long since I last posted last (this actually being Day 80), then I said to myself, "it's one a.m. so it's not been that long." I've got to stop lying to myself.

Instead of trying to force you into my altered reality (in which I firmly believe that there's a kind of blog limbo where posts are cached and not released until the maximum degree of procrastinative embarrassment has been achieved), and instead do a brief retrospective before returning to my chair ... here ... by the fire ... with a book.

Sunday - Day 76/240: Chili Seitan Steaks with boiled potatoes, some butternut, squash and a salad. Just me and my wife and younger son at her Uncle Bob's house. They had roast beef and I was the little piggy that had none. The old wolf (to twist the metaphor painfully) beat me three times in a row at Mancala. He's got a killer instinct that hasn't dimmed at all. I hear he's even more ruthless at Backgammon. (Note to self: avoid getting sucked into one.)

Monday - Day 77/240: A nice seitan salad sandwich made from diced chili seitan, diced onion, diced celery, mixed with my tofu mayonnaise.

Tuesday - Day 78/240: A delightful plate of roasted vegetables. Nothing fancy, just easy to prepare and pretty enough to take a picture of.

Wednesday - Day 79/240: On the way back from an hour ride (each way) to an appointment today, I suddenly realized that my wife was with me, sitting quietly, knitting diligently, listening to some tediously inspirational tripe on NPR. "So!" I said to her suddenly, hoping to startle an honest and non-self-effacing answer out of her, "Do you want to stop somewhere for an early dinner on the way home?"

After the usual dithering, it turned out that she would be perfectly happy to have an early dinner. After substantially more dithering, intended to point out to me the additional effort, forethought and self-sacrifice my dietary choices had forced upon her, and how with a Brave Heart, a Good Will, and Boundless Patience with the Awefull Trialls I had inflicted upon her (I note, in passing, that we were passing at the time past the City of Salem and it may have affected my psychic hearing somewhat) it was then determined that, despite all of choices available, we would go to the restaurant we nearly always go to.

I had some guacamole and chips followed by the veggie burger which was ... okay. A construct of beans, rice and a couple of other veggies partially held together by some searing with barbecue sauce. It needed more texture or more spice but, preferably, both.

It's now 0145 I'll be making a spiced eggplant dish tonight with some tabbouleh.

Whee! I'm up-to-date. I'm au courant, I'm ... going to put the trash out front and go to bed.

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