Dec 23, 2011

Day 74/240: A continuation from Wednesday

Thursday I was out and about again during the day. There's a game that I wanted to give my wife as a present, but all the stores seem to be sold out. There was one last toy store to check in a nearby town but there was no joy to be found there.

Since I was just a half block from a place that is known locally as a locovore's lunch counter, I went in to see what they had. As usual, all of the vegetarian options included cheese, good local cheese, but dairy nonetheless. One of the few items that did not have any cheese listed was a homemade veggie burger on whole grain bread.

I'm not sure why it occurred to me but, as it was being rung up, I double-checked. "There's no cheese on that," I said. "Oh the cheese is mixed right into the burger," was the answer. I changed my order to a hummus and sprouts sandwich and had them substitute avocado for the Muenster cheese.

When I got home I went on line and ordered the game for my wife direct from the manufacturer. It is back-ordered and won't get here until the middle of January. Poor planning on my part.

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