Dec 23, 2011

Day 71/240: Vegetable rolls again

I meant to take pictures ... I really did. Perhaps it's better that I get some more practice before I do.

I happen to know that I'm getting a tripod as a present, so that will help. The problem is that working with the rice paper is wet work, and I don't want to get the camera all crusty. Perhaps at some point I'll get myself a DSLR that will let me set it for 10 second intervals.

Well enough about that.

This time I added tofu to the spring rolls. I pressed it under a weight to force most of the water out, then sliced it into long skinny pieces and marinated it in teriyaki sauce overnight before baking it until it developed a crispy skin. I rolled it into the spring rolls with some veggies and made a dipping sauce with almond butter, teriyaki sauce, and grated ginger.

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