Dec 14, 2011

Day 66/240: Making a gift

We're having visitors on Saturday and, since they are being kind enough to bring vegetarian fare with them, I have decided to make them a nice jar of Skhug Yarok to take home with them. I think that I will try to do a photo shoot of the preparation later today.

The problem with doing that is that I end up washing my hands a lot in between steps so I don't get the camera all food-encrusted. Sometimes I think I should invent a camera I can wear on a head band and use voice commands for the shutter. (I know ... I'm sure that one already exists. That was just a bit of blatantly rhetorical pathos.)

Speaking of photos ... it's a shame that, in order to make the food show up nicely, I've had to restrict myself to the white plates and bowls. One of these days I need to make something that I can display on some of our fancier plates.

My wife used to work for Droll Designs and created some of their patterns, so we have a stack of DD plates in the cupboard. Unfortunately their colors are so bright that the food can some times get a little lost on them.

If you're interested, here are a few of the patterns she created:


Seder Plate Set

Birthday Bunny

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