Oct 6, 2011

Being aware

Thoughtlessness can be as big an enemy as temptation.

Earlier today I was at the local market and I had a craving for olives. I allow myself this indulgence rarely because of the amount of salt, but I was in the mood for a treat. There were four containers at the olive bar; Kalamata, green, a mixture of the two, and a mixture of the two with cubes of feta cheese. I was about to start filling a plastic tub from the last-mentioned container ... the spoon was over the tub ... when I realized, "that's cheese, I can't eat cheese!"

This is so hard for me.

But it's also weird.

It's making me think about these foods, and question myself. Do I really like them? Or is there something else going on? Am I just programmed for certain behaviors?

I used to travel extensively and it was a point of pride to eat whatever I was offered. Thousand year eggs, stuffed cuttlefish, umi, barbecued goose necks, I took them all in my stride. I wasn't as aggressively omnivorous as Andrew Zimmern, but, by golly I never refused what was on offer. I used to consider that a virtue ... perhaps it's time to rethink that.

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