Oct 10, 2011

You might be wondering ...

If this guy's just starting an animal-free diet, where is he getting all these recipes and all this experience from? 

Well for years I have tried to eat a more vegetarian diet. I have tons of recipes. My youngest daughter is vegetarian and has been so for most of her life and some of what I cook was originally meant to keep her from having to eat her mom's default vegetarian offering of a baked potato and salad for the fifth night in a row.

But even my daughter's vegetarianism is easier than this. She eats dairy products and (I believe) uses eggs in cooking. I could get along easily on that diet. As I've mentioned before, the thing that I miss most poignantly is cheese.

But this is something I have to try and so I'll have to get used to it. Posting here is my way of keeping myself on the track. I really don't want to report a failure but, if it happens, I will.

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