Oct 30, 2011

Day 20/180: Eating on the run, badly

I was in a rush all day. I had some work to get done early and then drove to the South Shore to help my mother with some moving. On a weekend I can make the drive in about 45 minutes; weekdays it's more like 2+ hours.

I ended up staying longer than I had intended, so instead of doing some shopping at the Whole Foods near where she lives, I just skipped it and got back on the highway north. I was tired, irritable, and hungry by the time I got onto Route 1. I stopped to get some coffee at a Starbucks and grabbed one of their roasted vegetable panini. I was back on the highway and chewing the first big bite before I thought to pry up the top slice. Arrrrrgh, cheese!

I thought about it for a minute or so before deciding that ingesting a single fragment of provolone was better than stewing and grumping for another 30 minutes of stop-n-go traffic. I wasn't happy about it, but it really was my own damn fault. Had I read the package better, I could have asked them to remove the cheese before heating the sandwich.

I have been so diligent otherwise that I am not overly nervous about a thin slice of fermented milk undoing all my good work. If I were a moralist, I'd still be going on and on about it ... oh wait ....

Later that night I put together dish using TVP sausage and couscous. I've mentioned the texture and sliminess before, I won't mention it again because I won't be buying it again.

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