Oct 11, 2011

Day 4/180: An additional challenge

I got back from the gym a short time ago. Getting regular exercise is part of the regimen that my cardiologist insists on. In order to keep myself on track, I meet with a personal trainer once a week. This ensures that I exercise at least once a week. Often that means that I do exercise once a week.

Today was that day.

After forcing my body to perform some contortions that it believes it shouldn't, I was sitting on a weight bench, panting and wiping the sweat off with a big colorful bandana as my relentless torturer trainer cheerfully surveyed my condition of inflexible weakness. To avoid further pain and suffering, I told my trainer, who shall remain nameless, about this blog.

"The idea, Brandon, (that nameless thing didn't last long did it) is that by making my effort public, I'll be too embarrassed to fail. That way I'll keep to my goals. Maybe I should think about including my workou ... "

There was a glint in Brandon's eye. "Yes," he said. "You should, put the days that you do your workout and the excuses why you didn't."

My heart sank.

" ... and send me the link," he said, "I'm going to track you."

So I came home and made up a salad of micro greens with an olive oil and tamarind chutney dressing, then sat in the sun on the back porch to eat it.

Now I'm at the computer having made the decision.

Day 4/180: Rowing & weight training 90 min,

We'll see how it goes Brandon


  1. Remaining nameless lasted for longer than I thought hahaha. Definitely enjoying this blog! Let's see how it goes with the new challenge!


  2. Hey Dad, are you still tracking your exercise on this blog? I'm curious about what you're doing!