Oct 21, 2011

Day 14/180: Mid-afternoon bliss

A few days ago I ordered a sampler from South River Miso Company. I got an email this morning saying that it had shipped yesterday and I should expect it today. It arrived about an hour ago. Lots of points for good service.

I had planned to wait until I had tried all four varieties then review all of them in a single post. Of the four types, the one I was most intrigued by was the Dandelion Leek.

Here's how the company describes it:
Each spring, during the last week of April, we take to the woods to gather Wild Leeks (Allium tricoccum, also called Ramps). We cook them along with Dandelion greens, dried nettles, and Maine coast sea vegetables. Then these are hand chopped and mixed together with Hearty Brown Rice Miso (already aged for two years) and Sweet Tasting Brown Rice Miso (already aged for three months). This mixture is then aged for one full summer.
Of course it was the first one I tried.

I put a heaping teaspoon of the miso into a mug with some toasted and crumbled nori, poured not-quite boiling water over it and stirred it up. Then I took it out to the back porch to drink.

My thought after the first sip was, "Damn! that's good!"

My thought after the second sip was, "That jar isn't going to last too long."

If the others are as good, I'll have to consider buying in larger quantities.

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